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Silver Linings


I have to say, ever since I arrived back in SLC from my adventurous break in Moab, I have been right back in the grind, but even worse than normal. This past Sunday (the 15th), all of my pre-practical tests for my Wilderness First Responder certification were due, which took a lot of time and effort. I worked all day Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday to finish those up; my roommate even left for the night, came back the next day, and was concerned that I hadn’t moved from my permanent study spot on the couch. In addition, all of my other classes required quite a bit of work over break that is all due this week, including a lengthy research paper, with many tests looming next week (I know, it’s the first week back and there are already tests on my mind, ugh). And that’s just the general overview; you could say I’m pretty darn stressed.

BUT, I am a firm believer in finding the little, happy things, even when times seem dark and gloomy. So today, I am grateful/excited about two things:

1. Shaw served a vegan lunch option, and it’s not even Meatless Wednesday! It was a delicious, light Indian curry type thing, with chickpeas and lentils for some good complete protein. I love finding proteins, like the beans today, outside of the classics like tofu, especially since there is some negative research about soy and its affects on hormones.

2. I maxed my deadlift at crossfit at 225lbs (personal record by a ton)! I have not really found my max for a lot of movements yet, so today was exciting just in that I got to work up to a max for once. But I also broke 200lbs, which I had no idea was even possible for me. This was a little glimmer of the improvement I’ve been working towards in crossfit. Sometimes it is really hard to tell if you are going forward at all, and it can seem like a lot of tough workouts for not a lot of results. But then there are days like today where you can really see all you’ve put into it. Stoked!

So I guess this wasn’t much of a vegan post aside from my brief lunch shoutout, but being a health freak, I do think it is important to focus on the mental health factors too (like controlling stress). Even the bad days have redeeming qualities. The world is not actually completely against you. And boy am I glad about that! Happy Monday!(: